Qinghai, or the United States will hand Alibaba

"in recent years, the store by the impact of the network is too large, but do Internet projects such as electricity providers need to invest, small businesses are hoping to get support in policy and funds." Small commodity wholesale market, many businesses have expressed their aspirations to reporters.
"because e-commerce is a typical modern service industry, only large enterprises and large platform built to be able to do to set our e-commerce development in Qinghai." One person in charge of the electricity supplier that the government should consider supporting the development of e-commerce.
now, the support to the.
"NPC and CPPCC" period, the province’s staff in attendance, Provincial Department of Commerce Director Shang Yulong told reporters that such a message, our province plans to increase e-commerce project support, at present, in order to facilitate the preliminary conception of Xining commodity wholesale market and electricity providers docking for the pilot, the preliminary plan organized by government on electronic commerce interested, have the ability to travel to some businesses on behalf of electronic commerce project developed provinces "learn" the related costs shared by the government and businesses.[a]
"online (Internet) and the line (store) have their own advantages, the advantages of the Internet with a large amount of information, but the store also has the advantage of field experience, how to effective integration of both, strong power and the formation of the economic development of our province, we want to solve the problem." Treat e-commerce with local entities, Shang Yulong said.

in addition, I also plan to take the lead by the government, to build a business learning platform, businesses to voluntarily participate in the exchange of learning, the related costs shared by businesses and government, in order to reach more people to understand the electricity supplier, electricity supplier master and use the electricity supplier to.[two]:

"such as a glass factory, the warehouse in Guangzhou, Xining buyers from order to delivery on time at least two days. But if there is a local storage in Xining, a small amount of goods manufacturers in Xining, two or three hours after the cup to the buyer."According to


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