The colorful lantern festival Deputy Director of the Xining Bureau of Guo Jian

fifteen Lantern Festival, flower lights, is our traditional Chinese nation. In order to enrich the cultural life of the people in the city, and create a peaceful, festive atmosphere of the festival, in recent years, Xining city cultural department in every fifteen month should be organized with rich content and various forms of the Lantern festival".

well, Xining city this year, which have a specific arrangement in the Lantern Festival on? In February 19th, reporters on the situation this year the Lantern Festival interviewed the deputy director of the Xining Municipal Cultural Radio and Television Bureau Guo Jian:

director Guo: Hello, are you give us this year lantern show in Xining city?

: Guo Xining City Cultural Department this year the Lantern Festival lantern exhibition does not make specific provisions for the three county four district by the District, according to the actual situation to make the lantern light show, in the form of some changes, past paper lanterns hanging more, this year to allow districts in accordance with their actual situation, to show their organization previously, paper lanterns are mainly on the community, on the streets of the small green garden, the place to hang. The main street in the city to a high level of lighting based, made by the District of a variety of different shapes of the lights, some are permanent, and some are some of the holiday hanging, mainly lighting.

: how then this lantern exhibit again?

: this year the lantern show exhibit Guo as before in the East Street, 54 street, Bridge Street, the central square and the Main Street Plaza and sunning plaza.


Chinese this year is the Olympic year, the show is not content will highlight this content?

Chinese Guo: this year is the Olympic year, so this year lightshows districts but also increase the number of the Olympic Games as the content of the forum, especially many other are on the Olympic Games mascot and sports project design and manufacture. The main is to highlight the happy and peaceful festive atmosphere in the street, in previous years focusing on the safety of various displays, the pressure is relatively large, the past due to the economic and other aspects of the past, and Deng did not so much light, not so many products, now light products are constantly changing, not in the paper lanterns limitations we have done before, there are some large lights, string lights, decorative lights, this product, let us have more choice, or let people live a happy and peaceful Spring festival. (author: Zhang Yongan)


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