Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to participate in food safety awareness week launch

to better popularize the knowledge of food safety, to promote the food business enterprises and their employees and consumers to understand and master the food safety laws and regulations and related knowledge. The morning of June 11, 2011, the organization staff Industrial and Commercial Bureau participated in Xining city to carry out in the town square of Xining to build credibility homes, the province’s food safety awareness week launch ceremony with the cast of food safety "as the theme.
in the campaign, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau loved by the masses in the picture display, physical display, distributing promotional materials and other forms of publicity to the operators and consumers of the "food safety law" and other laws and regulations, and explain how to identify substandard food knowledge, how to choose the right food and the abuse of food additives and other related hazards knowledge, carefully answer consumer consultation on food safety issues. The city’s food production and operation enterprises are also promoting their products at the same time, to explain to consumers on various types of food hygiene knowledge, and the corresponding food should pay attention to matters such as.


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