Xining built 76 people’s deputies home

November 9th, to understand I follow the Xining Municipal People’s Congress of Xining City People’s Congress exchange house ", Xining city has built 76 National People’s Congress House", as the representative of the masses, the masses of the people to provide a platform, a heart bridge between the masses and the representative of the frame.

it is understood that from the Municipal People’s Congress asked the city to set up "National People’s Congress House since the party committees at all levels attach great importance to the active form, as of now, the city has built 76 National People’s Congress house". The establishment of the "National People’s Congress House" for the previous session represent things difficult, lack of contact on behalf of the masses is difficult, for the delegates to provide an understanding of public opinion, the people gather platform and study exchange positions, delegates through the study of the party and the state policies and laws and regulations as well as the work of the NPC business knowledge the performance of their duties, exchange of experience in National People’s Congress of the people’s Congress, the legal level and continuously improve the ability to perform their duties, strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission. At the same time, to listen to the voters directly represent the opinions and suggestions, timely grasp of public opinion, timely reflect the voice of the masses, the Standing Committee of the NPC’s supervision and supervision, the supervision of the masses organically, expand the channels of supervision, supervision and supervision of rich content, so that the work can be extended and deepened.

Datong County People’s Congress, Qiaotou town, the ancient village village committee director Li Shaoxiong said: "I myself do not know when the representative, on behalf of what exactly is, through the" people’s Congress in the "house of learning and exchange, I understand myself as deputies what rights and obligations. Also have more confidence to do a let people rest assured, for the masses of good representative." (author: He Shufang)

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