Witness five years wonderful pen the total economy doubled the overall strength of the stairs

wonderful pen

for five years, the province’s GDP increased by 1.2 times, the average annual growth rate of 12.9%; the public finance income doubled 1.5 times, the average annual growth rate of 23.7%; the total money has doubled to 1.9 times, the average annual growth of 30.2%; investment in fixed assets increased by 2 times, the average annual growth of 30.5%. Rapid economic growth, the construction of new Qinghai laid a solid material foundation, providing a strong support. — from "government work report"

witness five years

five years since 2008, the domestic and international economy is complex and changeable, the most difficult for the past five years. Facing the challenge of the global financial crisis, the European debt crisis, in the face of great disaster caused by the earthquake in Yushu, the provincial government calmly, decisive decision-making, on the one hand, conscientiously implement the central series of steady growth, structural adjustment policies and measures, on the other hand, the introduction of supporting the industrial development of the "ten initiatives" and support Small and micro businesses development 60 measures, organize thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment, efforts to overcome the difficulties and problems in economic operation, in five years the province’s economy steady and rapid economic growth and healthy development, to maintain two digit, this five years has become the fastest growing economy in Qinghai and the best of times.

for five years, we insist on the development of modern ecological agriculture and animal husbandry in the direction of the plateau, the rise of a number of agricultural science and Technology Park, new solar energy greenhouse and livestock shed is 2.3 times that of the previous five years, vegetable self-sufficiency rate increased from 57% to 74%. The development of new rural cooperative organizations, ecological animal husbandry professional cooperatives operating mode in the pure livestock village to achieve full coverage. Ten characteristics of farming and animal husbandry system has been growing, the comprehensive production capacity of agriculture and animal husbandry has been significantly improved, agricultural and animal husbandry technology and equipment and the level of industrialization continues to improve. A number of key water, flood control and water conservancy facilities built, yindajihuang and other major water conservancy projects to accelerate the agricultural ecological characteristics has entered an important stage of accelerated development, enhance the level of the.

for five years, we follow the concept of circular economy, and actively promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, the transformation of traditional industries, Saline Lake chemical equipment manufacturing, non-ferrous metals upgrade intensified, the rise of new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries, increase the proportion of light industry with local characteristics, and built the world’s largest photovoltaic power plant and the country’s largest lithium materials production base. The province’s ten major characteristics of the industrial system began to take shape, the new process of industrialization has accelerated significantly, the proportion of industrial production accounted for by the total increase of 43.2% to $47.5%. Last year, China’s economic development has entered the new century, the most difficult year, the province is still actively respond to achieve stable and rapid growth of the industrial economy.

for five years, the province’s concerted effort to adhere to the infrastructure construction as the support point and promote the rapid development of the province’s economic task, transportation, communications, electricity, city construction and a number of Qinghai is related to the long-term development of major infrastructure projects completed and put into use. The province’s service sector added value of 1.1 times, the service industry to accelerate the formation of the industry system of. Total retail sales of social consumer goods;

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