The initial formation of the urban system in Qinghai

12 month 14 days, the reporter was informed that strengthen the city planning and construction, promote the reform of city law enforcement system improved the management of the city television and telephone conference from the province, as of the end of 2015, the province’s urbanization rate reached 50.23%, formed in the center of Xining City, small city and county capital as the backbone, the small towns as the base city system. The construction of the overall layout and the development pattern of "four zone two line area which adapts to the development of" four zones and two belts "of new towns, the province’s urban system is formed.

it is understood that since 12th Five-Year, the provincial government attaches great importance to city planning and construction management work, the city completed investment in fixed assets of about 10363 yuan, accounting for the province’s investment in fixed assets 79.7%, radiation city on the economic and social development to give full play to the role of infrastructure, improve city management, and gradually improve the urban landscape. The space developed, take on an altogether new aspect, the bearing capacity gradually increased, promoting the province’s economic growth, increase the city employment, improve the living standard of the city dwellers.

data show that the "12th Five-Year" period, the province’s municipalities, city and county completed municipal public infrastructure investment 35 billion 400 million yuan, the province’s urban built-up area expanded from 310.02 square kilometers to 510.65 square kilometers, a total of 333 thousand and 600 farmers and herdsmen settled into the city to undertake. Comprehensive transformation of villages, shanty towns and old urban infrastructure, urban municipal utilities continue to improve the level of. The province’s per capita urban road area of 10.63 square meters, per capita public green area of up to 10.48 square meters, the popularity of public water supply reached 92%, sewage treatment rate of up to 59.98%, the completion of the green rate of up to 28.22%.

to "Qinghai urban planning", "Qinghai province urban and rural integration planning," and other regional planning as the guide, the completion of the province’s overall planning of the town’s work. The promulgation of "the implementation of < of Qinghai province; People’s Republic of China urban and rural planning > measures", introduced the planning revision and implementation evaluation and management regulations, establish planning inspectors and illegal punishment and supervision system. The city construction land control detailed planning coverage rate of 85%, the state and county seat up to 65%, the detailed planning of the construction project has been basically achieve full coverage, to promote the work of city design, to ensure that the project layout is reasonable and perfect city function.

at the same time, set up the city and most of the county set up an independent city management agencies, equipped with the appropriate law enforcement professional team. Xining took the lead in the province to carry out urban management reform, decentralization of Management Authority District, the initial results of reform. Vigorously promote urban management to the details and standardized development, strengthen the regulation of environmental sanitation and street dust, smoke pollution, transformation of city greening, regulate advertising plaque, improve night effect, coordination of city style, the removal of illegal construction work achieved remarkable success.


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