Huangyuan take measures to promote entrepreneurship small secured loans

2012, Huangyuan closely around entrepreneurship to promote employment, entrepreneurship to promote employment goals, through a number of measures to increase the intensity of micro credit loans to encourage and guide the people to carry out entrepreneurial activities


2012 years, Huangyuan County focus on entrepreneurship to promote employment and entrepreneurship to promote employment of , increase small loans efforts through a number of measures to encourage and guide the people to carry out the business of . Up to now, the audit has been issued 33 million yuan to support small business loans. Among them: 16 individuals of 1 million 500 thousand yuan, enterprises, 15 yuan, 31 million 500 thousand yuan. Direct and indirect drive more than 500 people to achieve employment, give full play to the role of small loans to support the development of smes.

opens a Easy Access. to promote the county’s entrepreneurial microfinance business rapid development, established by the community, financial, economic and Trade Commission and the Department of employment of judges consisting Committee, actively coordinate with bank loans, to carry out an audit, an approval, a form of "one-stop" service. Simplify examination and approval procedures, reduce the approval process, shorten the approval time, improve lending efficiency, providing a convenient and standardized, high-quality and efficient service for entrepreneurs.

to carry out the "two" service. First, increased entrepreneurial training services.

entrepreneurship training as an entry point "nofollow" > rel= , expert consultation, business guidance and financing services combined with tracking services as a means by the business mentor to provide a full range of business guidance, for entrepreneurs to provide the accounting, business positioning, enterprise development and other aspects of the advisory services, not only improves the success rate of entrepreneurship, and give full play to the supporting role of small loans. two is to increase the construction of entrepreneurial teachers. Continue to increase Huangyuan County entrepreneurial guidance teachers team construction, enrich the center of hardware equipment, increase teacher communication efforts to enrich Center for entrepreneurship training, and actively provide quality training and a full range of consulting services for entrepreneurs.

to build "three" work platform. First, build platform. With the help of outdoor electronic display, place fixed panels, manuals, leaflets and other carriers to intensify propaganda, make employment related policies to encourage people, laid-off workers, and full of entrepreneurial passion of personnel entrepreneurship. two is build service platform. Through the township (town), community labor security service platform, is responsible for the area of the masses of business training and entrepreneurial loans;

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