Entrepreneurial experience to share 10 reasons for the failure of the company

is there a company that is doomed to fail from the start? Yes, because the development of these companies is based on a solid foundation. There are 10 reasons for the failure of the company, if you can not avoid, do not open their own company.

1. you do not have the ability to withstand risks

2. you confuse interest and expertise

3. you are not good at dealing with messy scenes

4. you lack funds

5. you’re just tired of your present job

the current job is often tired of driving people to start a important power company, but that is just one of the wrong reasons, the lubricating oil can only act as your business enthusiasm at best car.

6. do you think you have a new idea

7. your family is putting pressure on you

There are many

8. you feel fun

9. you just don’t want to act on other people’s orders

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