Nanchuan river water has not opened for Naban

started from the middle of June, I have a lot of people wander in Nanchuan river aqueduct near the liberation, look forward to the Nanchuan River on the water lily bloom graceful figure. However, time has passed half a month, Lily feels still nowhere to be found, what is the reason for the delay in opening the water lily? July 1st, the reporter dedicated to the city water, forestry sector technical staff conducted a consultation.

"water lily is not open and the water temperature in the region is relatively low." City Water Department technical staff told reporters that the planting in Nanchuan River on 5500 pots of water lily, is the city’s first large-scale try planting lotus, according to preliminary field situation is expected in late June, Lily can blossom into. Because of the climate, water temperature factors are not fully estimated, so the water lily did not bloom as scheduled.

reporter saw in Nanchuan river aqueduct is a piece of liberation, slightly larger than the palm of your hand, a horseshoe shaped dark red lotus with the waves. After the field view, the forestry sector technical staff said that these leaves also belong to the young leaves, gradually grew up into about twenty or thirty cm long green leaves. The water lily grows well, which shows that the water quality is good.

city forestry department technical staff said that the water lily is a light plant, the growth period should be more than 8 hours of sunshine, suitable for water quality clear, clean, warm environment, the best growth temperature is 25 -32. According to the growth situation now, Nanchuan River effective temperature is low, the water lilies grow slowly, it is expected that after more than and 20 days of water lilies will bloom, when people can go to enjoy. (author: small words)

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