January next year to go to the point of exchange of books

in order to enrich the 2015 New Year’s day and Spring Festival period, mass cultural activities, to create a "culture of Xining · scholarly xiadou" national reading activities atmosphere, guide and cultivate the public’s interest in reading, the library of Xining city since January 2015, held a month long book floating activity. Using books flow distribution vehicles, to send books point into the community, into the square, drifting in the 12 book center square, international community, the Chinese community, Xiang Bridge Street community, kylin Bay Park, respectively, for the public to carry out Bookcrossing, book exchange and card readers free on-site accreditation, borrow books flow activity.

during the event, the museum will organize a group of outstanding legal book carry out book exchange activities, readers can idle at home to get the nearest book book floating point register exchange, each person in exchange for a new book or any more books, to old change new, free exchange, the benefits to the reader, let the book extensive resources flow in the whole society, full sharing. At the same time, readers may be idle at home to get the nearest book book floating point register donation, after the event, the museum will select and register the people to donate books, as the museum and community library collection. The contents of the exchange of books must be positive, there is the value of learning and reuse, and books intact; reject illegal publications and full of reactionary, pornography, violence and other content books.


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