High temperature 26.3 DEG c! Xining yesterday seems like summer

In March 29th, the highest temperature of the City East District reached 26.3 degrees, the highest temperature record record after the Spring Festival this year, as the summer has come. However, according to the introduction of the city meteorological station staff, although the temperature is higher for several days, but the city still did not enter the meteorological sense of spring.

"usual over the years but also for at least two months we can feel the warmth, and end the year less than a month already let people can not stand the heat." Citizen Liu Sishu said the old man, this year’s hot days faster than usual, but did not expect the lunar new year in February to start, it has made people feel the heat can not stand.

I still do not enter the city in spring

the fire situation is still severe

on fire, the Municipal Meteorological Station staff to remind, the fire alarm information is high, we must pay attention to the field of fire safety. Government departments should increase the grassland, forest fire prevention policy;

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