The new rules – three 2016 Taobao latest

is now more and more people choose to shop in Taobao, but if the rules of Taobao are not clear, so how to make their business to be protected? In the Taobao market impact of increasing competition and high operating costs, risks and problems should be realized as soon as possible Taobao sellers shop there, with the latest Taobao rules to diagnose their own shop, let us look at the new rules three Taobao latest 2016.

first, Taobao will focus on supporting new

Taobao support for the new action has been there, as many sellers complain that there is no weight after the new shelves, it is a lack of technical level. The new provisions of the new rules in 2016 once the product shelves, if Taobao think with a baby little or with a number of 0, then Taobao will support this product, this product once the latter maintain good, so after Taobao will better support our baby.

so for such a new rule, we have to learn the basic skills as soon as possible, the game is actually very simple, we can explain from 2 points:

1. optimize Title Competitiveness

analysis of our baby in the title of similar products in the competition, in addition to the background data (Business Consultant) view, we can directly from Taobao search to analyze competitiveness. For example, we can copy our baby title in the search bar, on the one hand we see the number of baby search results, on the other hand can observe whether there is the word, if "XX" search results less, try XX, which shows that competitiveness is not wrong, but "orange" those words that is our baby have more weight, so we can focus on the optimization of good.

2. with the baby’s sales and price competitiveness analysis

considering the same baby competition, will directly affect the buyers for the final transaction with a baby rate, so we should focus on the corresponding game analysis with the baby’s sales and price competitiveness, to find out the most suitable bidding strategy and combined with the analysis of the internal organs of the baby to increase sales, it will make us baby to keep a large level of competition in the same paragraph baby.

two, shop dynamic score weight increase

2016 Taobao for the dynamic weight of the score is also a move to improve, that is now each Taobao store DSR score than ever to greatly improve the. That is to say, the weight of DSR score will be a very important place in natural search.

so how do we do it and improve it in 2016

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