What are the advantages of houcaller chain

said the steak to join the project will have to mention haokelai this brand, is a brand originated in Xiamen. Xiamen haokelai Catering Management Limited – Chinese large main steak in the western restaurant chain enterprises, headquarters is located in known as "sea garden", the picturesque Xiamen. 1993, only sixty square meters of the original shop was born in Xiamen, the original little life, to now has been surging in the healthy growth of China’s catering industry. Haokelai has a working center, a modern food processing factory, an advanced logistics distribution center, eight human resources training base, three-dimensional management architecture to ensure the steady development of houcaller, formed the group management, large-scale production and other industrial advantages. In 22 years, all people haokelai persistent efforts, achievements of the brand China catering industry of vitality; 22 years, hawker has been committed to exploring a healthy fashion "steak" way of life, and strive to improve the quality of life for Chinese


What are the branches of

Wuhan haokelai

as of 2015, haokelai has opened more than 300 retail chain restaurants in 20 provinces more than and 90 City, is one of the Chinese larger, faster development of the western style restaurant chain.

what are the advantages of houcaller chain:

first, we are a chain of operations in the country have a certain degree of market credibility and recognition. Have a certain brand benefits. Passenger flow, sales price will have a corresponding increase, thereby increasing the turnover;

second, from the management side, our company has many years of successful experience accumulated, in your business process through the company’s tracking guidance can make the franchisee detours, save the cost, reduce the investment risk;

third, headquarters will be based on the overall market conditions to take effective marketing programs and methods of operation, and has a professional planning team to support marketing planning.

What are the

branch of Wuhan haokelai? The following small simple list, I hope you can help.

1. haokelai (Peng Liu Yang Ludian) Wuhan Wuchang District No. 262 broad Plaza, 1 floor Wuchang Peng Liu Yang Lu.

2. haokelai steak (wansongyuan Road) of Hubei Province, Wuhan city wansong.

3. haokelai (Qiaokou branch) in Hubei province Wuhan city Zhongshan road.

4. haokelai (Golden Washington branch) Hankou Liberation Park Road Wuhan Jiang’an District No. 48 (near Huangxiaohe bus.

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