What is the difference between agents and distributors

do not know when you join the agency in a project, there is no such question, why a brand will have agents and distributors of points, and the two requirements are not the same. A lot of people want to figure out what’s the difference between the two. The following small series from different angles to introduce the two different.

what is the difference between agents and dealers

business scope

The difference between

agents and distributors is: as the name suggests is the "distribution", the dealer is the product from the purchase or production enterprises, not to buy it will be sold directly to consumers, but with a buyer sold out, earn post. The agent is to help companies demand the market, will be able to sell their products quickly, agents earn is a commission, ownership of the product.


differences in the way of business agents and distributors. Dealers have their own legitimate business qualifications, when the product is in charge of the sale of their own responsibility. Dealers are self-employed, the price of the product sales and the number of purchase is determined by their own. The agents are different, when the product is a problem, is borne by the third party, in the course of the business will be subject to certain restrictions on suppliers.

brand responsibility

brand responsibility, dealers and distributors of the difference between the larger, product sales, the dealer is only responsible for the transfer of the product to the next buyer, you do not take into account the brand benefits. But for the product’s advertising dealers are to be paid according to a certain proportion. The so-called agent is only responsible for selling products, and responsible for the maintenance of the product brand, does not assume any advertising costs. Agents in the sale of products before the general training, in the process of selling products to maintain the brand image.


in authority, agents and distributors from and after selling the products agents, but also do the corresponding statements, timely feedback to customer needs, allows the company to quickly and easily grasp the situation to the market first. There is a level of restrictions between agents, each stage of the agents are different, then they enjoy the rights and obligations are a bit different. In the difference between agents and dealers, the dealer’s rights and obligations to be less, that is, the cost of advertising spending is calculated based on the amount of purchase.

Xiaobian on the rights and obligations of agents and dealers from each other, to talk about the difference between agents and distributors. Agents can enjoy the interests of the Commission in addition to the transfer area, the biggest interest is able to

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