Xinfeng baozi brand

Chinese buns can not only satisfy the appetite, but also can be connected with greedy. Not only cheap but also delicious. Such a good project investors will not let go. Dumplings, is always delicious delicacy in traditional Chinese, South soup dumplings, dishes of meat steamed north, no matter what kind of stuffing dumplings, have become the best choice for breakfast, snacks and even snack. Xinfeng steamed stuffed bun in recent years is the rise of a new brand of steamed stuffed bun, because of the unique product in the national legal system quickly, become a very profitable project, then Xinfeng steamed stuffed bun how much?

Xinfeng baozi? How much does it cost to join Xinfeng baozi? What are the advantages? Specific look at the following:

flexible operation:

sit shop management: personalized store image, professional store decoration, distinctive, eye-catching. In the crowded subway, pedestrian street, learning

school, hospital, business center and office area. Customers will continue to make you earn money to make soft.

cooperative management: shop in the supermarket, canteen, shopping malls, school canteens. Mutual benefit, mutual help popularity, business natural hot.

multi-point operation: in restaurants, food stores to increase food in the high project, more than a selling point, a little more features, a little more popular.

shop outside the business: wholesale to stores, supermarkets, schools, supply stability, let you worry and effort.

promotion management: the use of promotional means, the issuance of discount volume, discount cards, small profits and quick turnover, so that your business more prosperous.

Xinfeng steamed stuffed bun advantage:

1, as a result of the company’s own chain system, trademarks, business technology can be directly used, compared to their original career in time, money and spirit to reduce a lot of burden. For those who do not have any business experience, can be reduced, in a short period of time.

2, a good head office, in order to improve the integrity of the entire chain of enterprises, will always be the development of innovative, high value-added products, product differentiation to lead the competition. Franchise can not be set up by the Department, and enjoy this favor.

3, as the head office to co-ordinate the promotion of sales, purchase, and even accounting (some companies have a set of computer accounting system to provide the use of stores), etc.. The stores can intentnesses focus on sales work.

Xinfeng baozi join fee: 2>

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