2016 entrepreneurial ideas to manage the tea house process only 7 steps

2016 how to choose a tea shop? Teahouses flow is what kind of? You would like a more smooth opening, then the following open gallery is necessary to understand the process, on the open gallery, shop process and how to better retain customers to introduce to you


Open Gallery process:

1) store location, investigation, evaluation.

2) store design, decoration, furniture selection.

3) to the trade and Industry Bureau registration for business license.

4) to the health and epidemic prevention station detection.

5) the Inland Revenue Department for tax registration.

6) personnel training.

7) purchase equipment, product selection

in addition, open gallery must first determine the main direction of the tea house, and then determine the main direction of tea houses, business means to catch up. In other words, to retain the guests, so that guests in the store to extend the residence time is the key to profitability. For example, to provide guests with tea, black tea, green tea or according to the season to provide timely tea must be based on the taste of the tea shop consumer groups to determine. Tea can be large or small scale, but must work in the atmosphere, to create a comfortable, comfortable atmosphere of leisure.

also in the library according to the specific conditions for the guests to provide the necessary food, if there are conditions to the guests at the home can provide some homemade food. Note, however, that meals can be simple but delicate. If your tea house design with Beijing, it could be enjoyed on the small tea food.

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