A small fish in the rice fields in Hongtian high income risk

In fact,

is not a very backward country and not what place in rural areas also have a lot of baby, such as fish farming Hongtian in the rice fields, the risk is very small, but the benefits are great, want to solve the specific circumstances can then look down. Key points of fish breeding technology in Hongtian />

A, create a good environment to rice after transformation to fish farming in hongtian. Open ditches, Dang, in the paddy fields in general, groove width 40 cm, 30 cm deep, according to the shape of paddy field size, divided into mouth shape, shape and well shaped, Dang width 1 ~ 1.5 meters, depth of 60 ~ 70 cm, generally open in the outlet position, ditch, Dang interlinked. Dang ditch, accounted for the ground in the farming area of 15% ~ 20% excavation. Paddy field water requirements for facilities standards, no pollution, convenient irrigation and drainage, water is not reached Water Leakage, waterfertilizer. In addition, the inlet and outlet to install a standard, two filters to prevent weeds and prevent the escape of fish.

Hongtian can monoculture and fish polyculture. Lord Hongtian fish breeding ratio can be controlled in the range of 60 ~ 80%, grass carp collocation or a small amount of silver carp, perch, catfish and other species. General 667 square meters of fish species into the 200 ~ 300, good water conditions, infrastructure, water depth of more than 50 cm of rice paddies, can be put into the end of the 400. To choose a smooth and robust fish body, scale integrity, body length 6 ~ 10 cm species. In the fish before, will fry into 2% ~ 4% saline immersion in 5 ~ 8 minutes (to fry half floating can), disinfection of fish disease prevention.

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