The whole of people of Jiaxing held colorful lantern festival activities – Glutinous Rice Ba

tomorrow is the traditional festival lantern festival, in the annual Lantern Festival, people will choose what activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival? For this problem, the people of Jiaxing to celebrate the Lantern Festival through their own special color dumplings, so that more people to participate in activities, it is worthy of attention.

black sesame seeds, five kernels, fresh meat and other traditional tastes is the favorite of the villagers in the past year’s Lantern Festival, this year may not be the same, through their own production is different from the market in the sale of glutinous rice balls, the kind of happiness do not mention how strong. Purple sweet potato but Huang Wan’s specialty, today it is also useful. The villagers took the purple potato peel, then boil, put the soup and a purple glutinous rice flour evenly stir together; then fill in skin paste of the purple sweet potato pie, a beautiful purple Glutinous Rice Balls made.

colorful glutinous rice balls can not be green. Buy green tea powder and crystal green, in powder, then wrapped myself to boil the bean paste, red bean with lard flavor, let the kids smell on DC slobber.

villagers Zhou Xiaoyan that day with his son and daughter to come together, adults help to do, look at the edge of the child. The day of the Lantern Festival, of happiness into the glutinous rice balls, colorful life in the background color. For a while, the color Glutinous Rice Balls filled with dishes, pot pot churning "Jasper meatballs" steaming, the villagers enjoy their results, nagging home happy, a neighborhood harmony shared prosperity photos, copy in this small cultural hall.

in the Lantern Festival on the eve of the people of Jiaxing held a colorful Glutinous Rice Balls downtown activities during the Spring Festival, let more to participate in the activities, tell kids not to forget the traditional festival, not only to give children a vivid lesson, and so many people see the whole family harmony.

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