Wanzai county held entrepreneurship training women to participate

is now in some urban areas, there are a lot of women are not idle at home, at the same time, this part of the labor force is still very regrettable, recently, Wanzai County of Jiangxi province in some communities to carry out some entrepreneurship training.

"old at home playing mahjong is not interesting, might as well learn. Community entrepreneurship training courses to help me, I am determined to do something, even if the failure will not regret it." Wanzai County of Jiangxi Province, Kangle Street East Community unemployed women in entrepreneurship training class Yu Lei raises his voice, the other 23 students also have the same feelings.

to run the training class, the community invited Yichun University entrepreneurship training instructors, a PhD in economics to teach red dragon. Lonpos training from the two aspects of entrepreneurial awareness and Entrepreneurship Program, but also for women’s personality and social division of labor, carefully set up the curriculum content, selection and promotion of entrepreneurial projects, adopted to explain and interactive teaching methods, combined with the specific case, to facilitate students to understand and accept.

lonpos teaching make training more amusing, lively and cordial, both deeply attracted all the students, unemployed women also caused more curiosity and interest. "I listen to the neighbor said, the teacher will teach, so sign up for the next period." East Gate community Liang Ruohua said. The community will also carry out policy consulting, guidance, professional services, small loans and other follow-up tracking services to help entrepreneurs achieve entrepreneurial dreams.

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