How to improve the profitability of home textile fabric store

market has a lot of fabric home textile stores, many businesses are new, they also want to learn how to improve store profitability, but suffer from! Xiaobian compiled a few suggestions to provide reference. I hope to help franchisees learn some practical skills to make the business more smoothly.

first, give full play to the linkage effect of old customers and reputation effect.

two, and the target customer base or home improvement company to carry out in-depth cooperation, while the use of the authority of the designer’s recommendation effect and reputation effect to stimulate and inspire customers to buy.

three, targeted marketing, and Real Estate Company, residential property, wedding companies, Civil Affairs Bureau and other joint promotion.

four, group purchase direct market development, through 30 to 50 key enterprises focused on the choice of units, using welfare gifts, custom, group purchase group purchase group purchase group purchase, replacement mode upgrade textile shop to increase income ability.

five, revenue is the profit minus the cost, the smaller the cost, the higher the profit, it must be a good cost control, which is an important means to improve the ability to increase revenue. This includes optimizing inventory structure, reducing inventory costs, strengthening information management, reducing opportunity cost;

six, to achieve customer resource sharing. By using Home Furnishing concept, with the same level of furniture brands brand, to achieve customer resource sharing between the textile, customer resources, to achieve the "cap" centralized product sales, to reduce the overall cost of the brand promotion, especially in the mall shop, building materials City shop, network group purchase the channel use effect is obvious.

fabric home textile store operators should be how to improve store profit? In fact, there are many ways to join the new business should try to learn more in practice, to find the right path of development. Is the above advice helpful? Hope that you can provide useful reference, to learn it quickly.

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