Turnaround students start earning 200 thousand

with the increasing pressure of employment, more and more college students out of the school gate is no longer looking for work, but to create their own business, and strive to break out of their own life! But entrepreneurship, when a lot of difficulties, the said of an aged person, let us together to see a college student to profitability, earning 200 thousand examples!

in Entrepreneurship in the army, there are also shook the arena to exit the. 1995 graduated from the College of railway, Central South University, Yan Lihong is undoubtedly one of the best, he not only operate their own international brand bathroom living museum, but also create a customer buy mode, the steady development of the cause. But three years ago, his career and landslide, stocks lost 160 thousand families, almost; now, in their own special group purchase shop on the bathroom, he conceal his smile, told this reporter that "now I sometimes can earn tens of thousands of January".

fought in the business field for many years, Yan Lihong hope that through their own experience to inspire those students 80, 90, entrepreneurship is not imagined so smoothly, to make it ready, only one way to succeed.

: buy real estate funds fell half a year over

"in 1995 that university graduates should be said that community is relatively short, but I did not like the majority of college students, find a good unit to develop slowly, but began to set his sights on self entrepreneurship." Yan Lihong introduction, the only way to better reflect the value of their own life.

Cheats: move client group purchase marketing

"won a reputation, we adopt group purchase marketing model, will be held regularly 3-4 times special group purchase within a year, last year the total amount of the first group purchase will trade amounted to 120 thousand, the follow-up sales doubled. Flat.

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