The thirty-one cause of death in life and you share failure

looked at others are successful, and no matter how hard or so? Why? The great tragedy of life is hard to but ultimately failed! The following are thirty-one successful summary of the fatal cause of failure, control yourself, might be able to get from what to write, small series can be collected and hope to share with you:

The genetic background of

A, unfavorable. People born with mental retardation, there is no way to think. The only remedy is "work".

two, the lack of clear goals, no clear goals, there is no hope of success, in 100 I was analyzed in 98 individuals without this goal, perhaps this is the main reason for their failure.

three, the lack of ambition and ambition, no matter what. Those who do not want to progress and unwilling to pay the price, there is absolutely no hope of success.

five, lack of self-discipline. Discipline comes from self – control, a person must be able to control all their emotions and behavior. You have to control yourself before you control others. You will find that self-control is the hardest. If you can’t conquer yourself, you will be conquered by yourself. When you see yourself in the mirror, he is your best friend and your greatest enemy.

six, poor health. A person without a healthy body, it is difficult to succeed. The reasons for poor health are:

1, eat too much;

2, develop thinking, negative emotions and behavior;

3, sex not normal and no vent control;

4, the lack of adequate physical exercise;

5, due to environmental and respiratory system, resulting in inadequate supply of fresh air.

Effect of

eight, procrastination. This is one of the most common causes of failure. The area of procrastination is always followed by everyone, waiting for the opportunity to undermine people’s success. Why do we always fail, because we are always waiting! Know the time is not "just right". Just where you stand, use the tools you have in your hand

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