The popularity of tea TOP5 ranking million yuan investment of 5 square meters shop to make mad

tea is known as the new era of drinks are popular in the world, the domestic tea market is also growing rapidly, from all over the streets of the tea shop can be seen. In 2013, tea production reached 2 million 50 thousand tons, the market share of almost carbonated drinks, bottled water, to become China’s beverage market Dao Liangli landscape.

tea in just a few years on the hot half Chinese, appeared to join the system so that the industry became the norm, but in the tide of brand can not help but want to how to choose the dragons and fishes jumbled together, in the tea industry business friends do not know. Today, the investment adviser on the synthesis of nearly 3 years of development of the tea industry, to bring the best tea store TOP5 list.

TOP1: excellent tea beauty tea

TOP2: sugar nest milk tea

is trustworthy China Tianxi catering industry chain catering services operator, owns 10001 wanqu Ming Du, braised pork, Hot pot more than ten brands, the sugar nest tea is the flagship product of Tianxi group. Exclusive spell 20-30 different varieties of tea with rich tea, blending technology not only makes the quality and flavor of tea drinks taste is more sophisticated, distinct levels, long fragrance, very special. Sugar nest tea by modern science and technology, automatic operation, unified production standard, fresh ingredients delicious instant tea.

TOP3:Vme English tea

Vme English tea from Australia, is the first launch of British brand drinks, the main products are British tea and French meals. Since landing China rushed in after Chinese Fei Hong, agency for Beijing North Qing sun Technology Co Ltd. Vme British milk tea is tailored according to different groups of people, different from ordinary milk tea only to change the taste of it, not only taste a variety of nutrients and according to different people. Green healthy drinks, no upper limit taste combination, Vme British milk tea will be a comprehensive innovation in the domestic beverage market.

TOP4: Xi Xi Honey theme milk tea

Xixi honey with rich Korean style came to China. Relying on the youth fashion in Korea, fresh and beautiful theme of milk tea impression, in the creative shape of the new theme of milk tea culture in china. Fusion of the most fashionable contemporary romantic color, love to create Valentine’s Day theme of milk tea, milk tea theme constellation

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