Jiangsu 15 intelligent manufacturing projects with you into the incredible Era

technology continues to progress, especially in the field of intelligent development, so that we have more imagination, and hope that all this can be achieved in the future. Sitting in a driverless car, the vehicle sensing system to know the road environment, automatic planning and control of the vehicle route to reach the intended target, this picture, so that people look forward to unlimited. December 8th afternoon, the three day of the world intellectual Manufacturing Conference in Nanjing in 2016 closing.

"wired" magazine editor in chief, the godfather of the Internet · Kevin, Kelly was invited to deliver keynote speech. He believes that unmanned need 5 years, China is expected to become the first country to achieve commercial driverless cars. It is understood that the General Assembly attracted a total of 90 thousand people attended the exhibition, Jiangsu has signed a total of 15 intelligent manufacturing cooperation projects.

future car has many cows

Chinese is expected to become the first commercially available unmanned vehicle state; vehicles will usher in a private custom era; car Internet system can give real-time vehicle examination and upgrade, there are problems in the big data platform to solve without going to the service center……

driverless car in the next 5 years will be on the road

12 8, "connection" magazine, the founding editor of the Internet Godfather Kevin · Kelly and a number of domestic and foreign industry heavyweights, academicians together for intelligent manufacturing pulse. In the automotive field, intelligent technology guards attack.

in the afternoon, Kevin · Kelly was invited to deliver a keynote speech. When does the driverless car era come? Kevin · Kelly believes that unmanned need 5 years. "In the next 5 years, we can see that people are constantly making driverless cars, and China is expected to become the first country to achieve commercial driverless cars. China is a big manufacturing country, there are many manufacturing experts, technology is very mature, capable of producing high quality and cheap, safe and popular driverless cars, must be able to stunning the world."


on Application of artificial intelligence in the medical field is also very confident, "although many people will choose to go to the hospital or doctor doctor of human, human and artificial intelligence, but in some regions, such as Africa, the lack of medical resources, human and the lack of doctors is very high, they will be more love of artificial intelligence the doctor. In fact, in many cases, the doctor of artificial intelligence is better than a human doctor, and is more popular in places where there is less medical resources."

big data platform can give the car physical examination in real time

"in the future, each car is an intelligent terminal." Tesla Motors, vice president of global recommendation

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