These 10 tips can make your food and beverage employees better

a good leader is not only to have strong leadership ability, and also will own employees become outstanding, such leaders will no doubt be a great leader, the catering industry in particular is the service level of employees, employees will be directly related to how your business. So what’s the best way to get employees to get better from the ordinary?.

these 10 strokes can make your food and beverage staff better

1 incarnation model as a restaurant operator, you are responsible.

whether you like it or not, your employees are unconsciously imitating you. If you take a bad mood to work, treat them badly, guess your employees will show what? On the contrary, if you smile and positive emotions to face work, your employees may mimic that state.

2 staff meetings don’t be so serious

I didn’t want to take part in staff meetings, not to mention the meeting. I can almost see the three words on the face of the "boring", and there are some people who hate why the rest of the day is coming to the meeting. Regret didn’t make the meeting more interesting. You can prepare some lively atmosphere of the script, or to some simple team building tour. Although only a few minutes, but the meeting will set a good atmosphere and rhythm. Pay attention to the team building of creative methods.

3 reward employees at the door

to do the work of the waiter to get a positive small competition to see who can usher in the most weekly or monthly guests. If you use a customer opinion card (how to use a customer opinion card, click here), it is ready to reward those who get a lot of praise. It may not always be money, but it can also give tickets, gift certificates or training courses.

4 generous

waiter is the restaurant facade, they need to deal with unhappy customers, even if the problem is not caused by them. For example, the kitchen dishes are too slow, guess who will be the complaint will not be the chef in the kitchen. So want to make your customers happy, you should not let the waiter depressed ah.

next time, if the customer complains, put some power to your server and provide some free things, such as a dessert or a drink.

5 respect all employees

restaurant is a concept, from manager to wash

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