Hot pot shop name method

there are a lot of delicious products while Hot pot shop, the service was also a lot of diners must, however, diners who want again eat, even the stores are not sure, for the Hot pot shop business development has a very negative impact. In short, if you want to open a business is hot Hot pot shop, also need a good name. And want to give a good name for the hot pot shop, only need to master the method.

first, named after. The name of the restaurant has long been named. For example, Tan Jiacai, barbecue season, Yang Jie Li, Zhou pie etc.. These shops are common features not only highlight their name and surname, from its name to reflect the specific content of its business. For example, barbecue season although not tell what the name is, but that the boss surnamed Ji, is a business of Beijing barbecue restaurant.

and so on, the pie week is run by an owner surnamed Zhou not only sell pies and sell porridge restaurant. This method lets customers name at a glance, the name of the specific content of the operation. If you want to give the name of the hot pot restaurant, this technique can naturally grasp.

second, named after the place name. A restaurant named after a city, county, or street is not uncommon. The advantage is to highlight the region, understand the location and location of the restaurant, dining easier to find. For example, Zhengyang restaurant, in general should be around Qianmen Street, again Dianmen eateries, Xinjiekou hotels that will be around Tiananmen Square and Xinjiekou area.

but it should remind customers in Beijing because of duplicate names are more special circumstances should also think twice, for example: "the river in three Roasted Duck shop", the Beijing River in three places, there are at least two, one is Zhushikou East, known as the Chongwen area of the East River in three, a is a social way street west, called the West River in three. So, in order to facilitate the customers dining in the Hot pot shop name, should be more detailed address and store the range to tell customers.

third, the name of the flavor. Some restaurants are not only the name of the name of the region, often the most important thing is to highlight their business content and specific flavor characteristics. As the supply of the old Beijing noodles "old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste king", "Chongqing jinshancheng supply authentic Sichuan Hot pot city", "Gongdelin vegetarian restaurant", customers will understand at a glance that is designed for a vegetarian restaurant.

to the flavor of the name of the restaurant, not only can make the customer at a glance, the characteristics of its flavor, convenient for customers to choose the dishes, but also can save the customer’s time, the use of meals targeted. If you don’t know how to give you the Hot pot shop a more appropriate name, the name of this nature can also be mastered.

in addition to the above several methods to give the name of the hot pot shop, there are many worthy of reference. Such as one to ten >

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