Shop operators need to focus on creating a personal brand

if a few shops are operating the same product, the brand is the same, how can this allow consumers to realize the particularity of the shop? So, to create a personal brand, help to deepen the impression of consumers, but also help the growth and development of shops. In the usual life and business, as long as we carefully to find, intentions to create, it can create their own brand. For example, the processing of agricultural and sideline products, handicrafts and other works, which can be built into a personal brand, to create a strong support for the development of shops.

retail customers Sohn is the village started the first retail store. In 2001, he took home a few acres of land to grow vegetables, however, due to the lack of necessary production technology, coupled with the bad weather, but for a year to pay the burden of hard, not only benefit, but also left a lot of debt. Later, the development of greenhouse vegetable cultivation in the village, Sohn determined to try again. And this time, he succeeded. See better prospects for vegetable greenhouses, he simply contracted a few acres of arable land.

once, a foreign food dealer to him to buy vegetables, at the time of the transaction, the food dealer said a sentence: your vegetable growing so well, sales are good, why not set up a pollution-free vegetable base? Is this dish dealer’s words coaching him, then let him change the fate. The second day early in the morning, Sohn went to the business sector registered a trademark, he put the name of the trademark as evergreen pollution-free vegetables, and his shop evergreen brand name completely correspond.

no brand, a subsidiary of the retail product of vegetable product knowledge, people’s word of mouth has a geographical restrictions. With the trademark, the grandson of a vegetable more famous, not only with the local several large shopping malls signed long-term supply contracts, and some foreign vegetable wholesalers also make light of travelling a thousand li. At the same time, his shop is also out of the name of the vegetables, as long as the villagers mention shopping consumption, the first mentioned is evergreen supermarket". Today, Sohn has been a well-known local farmers boss".

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