The third Jiangsu science and technology entrepreneurship contest just ended

are now held everywhere a series of competition, innovation and Entrepreneurship recently, the third session of the Jiangsu science and technology entrepreneurship contest kicked off in Changzhou, but also attracted many domestic entrepreneurial team and enterprises to participate, has received very good results.

11, the third Jiangsu science and technology innovation contest in the manufacturing industry semi-finals in Wujin national hi tech Zone started.

competition led by the provincial science and Technology Department, to guide the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial education department, the Provincial Department of Finance and other departments, keynote is the integration of elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, build "science and technology project collection, optimization, counseling competition, venture roadshow docking, promotion of small and medium sized enterprises" service platform, to enhance the scientific and technological level of entrepreneurship, to attract overseas outstanding entrepreneurial team and corporate entrepreneurship development.

in the whole contest, but also there are some very fierce competition, at the same time, the Jiangsu Changzhou to host such a business competition is in order to promote the whole level of local science and technology entrepreneurship, attract more enterprises to participate.


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