What strategies should be adopted to ensure the successful management of green products

no matter what is the business of the shop, people want to master the management skills is absolutely indispensable. Now environmental protection products franchise business strategy? Practical skills to enable people to operate more smoothly!

1. "escape" is the small and medium-sized enterprises to avoid confrontation and large enterprises in the small stage, which is to avoid the production of quality products and large enterprises the same product, avoiding the large enterprise market stronghold strong large enterprises, to avoid the traditional distribution channels, to avoid the use of large enterprises used to make promotional trick. Otherwise, the use of large-scale enterprises and the same marketing strategy, not only because of mutual collision and self defeating, but also due to the always living in the shadow of the giant and always difficult to develop.

2. "borrowing" is that small and medium-sized enterprises should make full use of the resources of large enterprises to develop themselves. Large enterprises with good reputation and famous brands, small and medium-sized enterprises can be wrong, large enterprises have a broad marketing network quickly, SMEs can borrow; large enterprises have abundant capital and advanced management technology, small and medium-sized enterprises can also be wrong…… As long as SMEs have the ability to integrate resources, everything can be used for it.

3." is the joint and support of small and medium enterprises. In the absence of foreign aid, the small and medium enterprises themselves hold together into a group, from small to large, from the big and strong, will greatly enhance the ability to resist risks. For the current investors, these practical environmental shop marketing skills, may be in the course of the future, the store has played a huge role in promoting.



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