Waiter bottle hit the customer because the customer feel the urge for food

customer reminder because too loud, feel lost face, the restaurant waiter picked up the bottle at the customer, the customer’s head in a bag is swollen. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

6 in the evening, people have a busy day from work, enjoy your leisure time.

worry queue, Mr. Zhou immediately after work, with a friend, came to Hankou Wuhan Southland West Plaza restaurant. They point out several bottles of beer, ready to drink a few cups.

let Mr. Zhou did not think of is, haven’t drink beer, the shop attendant picked up a bottle of beer, his head hit a big bag, just because he said a word……

waiting to exhale   not enter

see cauliflower up, Mr. Zhou found no wine, called a waiter, let him take over beer. Unexpectedly, the waiter said the store has a cup, you need to take. Mr. Zhou think service attitude is not good, not to take, but also did not say anything. After a while, the waiter brought him a cup.

see the waiter does not respond, Mr. Zhou said, "want to find your manager".

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