Use hot critical moments to provide your own traffic

last night saw the blog "investment" video click rate is relatively high, so the in front of "Hainan Normal University girls dormitory" subject word news post. Within half an hour after the reprint, I did not see any results, so I took a break.

morning look good, 2000 clicks! Morning to check, even in the first row of Baidu "Hainan Normal University dormitory"! I really like a roller coaster, so far, less than 16 hours, several topics related to total hits over 10000! Summed up in the following ideas:

1, blog is a good way to train people’s SEO combat skills. I often tutor some editors to do things, but I don’t do it myself. There are no examples of how to convince people: "your pages are so full of content, and the rate of hits per day is not as good as my own blog."

2, Sina blog architecture sucks, but Sina traffic and possible access to search rankings are cattle – – helpless,


3, find the subject word, act immediately! Who is quick, who succeeds.

4, Baidu’s hottest theme will change, the morning to see the subject word has become "sea Normal University pornographic door", "do station friend" to follow the pursuit.

5, SEO content, but also to do "dig deep", this is the town Yuan classmate told me. It is to be the antecedents and consequences, all aspects of good mining. This, in fact, is the key to content, mining and even more useful than original.

6, the first demand for the Internet turned out to be the color – – helpless.

is going back to the click rate again. Blog doesn’t want to make any money. Watching PV and PR go up, it’s a kind of experience. What’s more, free of charge.

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