Novice, rookie, grassroots how to survive online

last month, read a picture Wang wrote an article: Grassroots Webmaster: do not finish the station, earn money

deep feeling, engage in their own network so long, it can be said is a failure, because for the webmaster, is a failure, because of what I did is to sell the toil. Today I come to talk about this topic only novice to see if there is no need to be.

to talk about my personal experience, my current income per month in about 4000. The block is what others say. The feeling has been very difficult, because I can only get so little. My income can be said to be mixed, so it is not very stable, but basically in this number, I run several websites, of course, are now in the GG advertising and advertising GG advertising Ali, currently every month income is only $20, only 20 yuan can be said to Ali, I almost have no what online advertising revenue. So my income is divided into several blocks, one is link. Every month to sell links in about 800. Of course, I have almost ten PR1 sites, the income is very low, but I feel like this is good. The second block is the Internet advertising website, if you want to take the business need to have their own website, I Personal website, sell a month can sell about 300 links, website hang here a month from the network can also connect one or two Xiaochan. Basically can also engage in blocks of 1000. There is a piece of their own to sell in Admin5 program, a month can sell around 400. There is to give people in some forums on it to solve some problems. Can also bring one or two business. A reform program, do about this picture. You can also set a few hundred. There is a piece to do optimization. About a month can also make a thousand bucks. Oh, I can say is a ten foot network. So these odd jobs to earn money but also very difficult, I don’t want some Adsense. Can drive out to play, travel etc.. Because I need to always stare at the computer. As long as I left the network, my income will not.

said so much, I want you to know, I think that the graph king wrote very well, as long as you work hard. You have to make money on the Internet, of course, ideas determine, like me can only sell toil to earn some money, if you want to develop the best I think you to operate a website.

network for a novice can start from doing the toil, toil in what you have learned to use. To search the Wangzhuan, there are many online bidding and posting updates to the site. As long as you work hard for others to post a month to update the site for at least a month or income to more than 1 thousand. Of course the tired.

second, you can sell the service, of course, depends on what your strengths are. For example, I, >

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