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has such a website that its explosive headlines on apple are much more than those of the same type of Web site, 9to5Mac.

, although its competitors are more experienced and have more funding sources, 9to5Mac has established itself as a must go website for Apple news. Its reports are often cited by the world’s most influential news organizations, which include mainstream media such as the New York Times and the Wall Street journal.

John Gruber, an influential author who specializes in apple news. He visits the 9to5Mac site at least once a week and reads valuable articles. He said: "no website can reach their level."."

but sometimes 9to5Mac can annoy its competitors, other blogs reporting apple news.

in July this year, Business Insider published an analysis from the 9to5Mac website, but its competitive web site requires that articles should be linked to their website rather than 9to5Mac. They call 9to5Mac a dirty and unscrupulous guy, and I’m talking to my lawyer about their disgusting business practices."

and when we call to get to know the truth, they respond with a friendly response: "we are friendly and competitive with other blogs reporting apple news, including 9to5Mac."."

, Eric, Slivka, and Rene Ritchie are editor in chief of MacRumors and iMore blogs, respectively. Although their website was a direct competitor, they were given a similar centrist response when asked about 9to5Mac.

9to5Mac founder and publisher Seth Weintraub said: "in fact, behind the competition is very intense, you can imagine its intensity."."


for Weintraub, he has never received any book from a lawyer. At the same time, he also told us who is most likely to send this email.

Although the

in an interview with the apple blogger show friendly, but the strength of this competition from time to time will let them make some shady things.

in fact, apple is going to have a lot of money, and the most valuable company in the world has its secrets. In any case, 9to5Mac’s ability to get exclusive news, plus its unique payment system, has made it even more successful.

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