How do you optimize the external links through blogs

today I talk about the blog to do external links optimization many webmaster friends will say this is known to all, is also a problem is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, a webmaster optimization platform website not less, good blog is almost every webmaster do stand are used in a wide way, but I believe that every webmaster use do the blog promotion effect is completely different from that in the end what is the reason? Here I come to share with you to share.

1. Blog selection,

plans to use the blog to promote well before the choice of the blog now many online websites can open the blog, but I think in the blog registered before or is selective, I believe that the webmaster know this, the author selected the general blog platform is a web blog choice of relatively high weight there are several blogs, I believe that the webmaster friends have, such as Sina blog, Tencent, Sohu, NetEase blog blog blog, China, Phoenix blog and blog, because the weight of this kind of website is very highly Niang believe him by this kind of blog promotion can say is the second. The content, especially Sina blog, I believe that the webmaster friends all know.

two. Blog promotion,

More than just

and webmaster friends talk about the choice of the blog, now I and the webmaster friends to talk about how to make better use of the blog promotion site allows you to achieve the best results, generally there are many owners because of their poor writing or laziness rarely adhere to the original articles every day, but has been published in the the articles on the site to reprint all blog copy and paste their own registration inside such operating practices have a certain effect, but the effect is not large, the author of this thesis is to the webmaster friends should always adhere to the original article, original article, the author believes that for you website external link optimization has obvious effect, here we all know that the chain of important role to enhance the weight of a web site and ranking up, for this is People take posting machine, the software group and other techniques to each big blog or forum to post, top labels do indeed in a very short period of time can improve website ranking, improve website traffic but this technique in the SEO industry is known as the black hat SEO technique, as long as it is aware of the search engine will be punished right down serious may lead to K station. In this, I suggest that all webmaster friends not to optimize and optimize, ranking and ranking, to follow the search engine algorithm, honest stable stand, do the original content. In March this year, Baidu official said they are very important to the original content, the content of the past is king, the chain for the emperor has become content for the emperor, the chain is king’s argument.

three. Construction of blog content anchor text

more than second points have already talked about the construction of blog content, to adhere to the original, here I am not talking about this topic with you, and now I and everyone

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