have a bit of experience in real estate

99 years from the university to contact the Internet, together in ten years, although he is a computer professional background, but never thought to build their own website, more energy is used in the program development and some new technology, always feel that the more you learn, the more deep research on technology will be more strong, what chance of success will be more, I do not know you are learning or technical webmaster webmaster, until 06 years he made the first website, many ideas, strength no less, earn a penny then off, want to think that the site can sell hundreds of dollars now. At that time felt the construction site must be creative, others do not want to stand, of course it is difficult to do this, but then I found out that, even if others do not stand, operation is very important, that is to say the website promotion and operation can make a successful website.

07 years doing 3D simulation of the project, I suddenly thought can put this technology on real estate online, build a three-dimensional network of real estate, then check some relevant information at home and abroad, domestic basically no such website, excitement is difficult to control, as well as has seen the dawn of success say, do, a man began to develop from the Internet search 3D program, 3D program into a single easy, but into the form of WEB but there are many problems can not be solved, and the 3D data from the Internet to open, the browsing speed including open speed and so on, many problems are not thought of before, but after a year of hard work, 08 years, the program was finally developed, their 3D real estate network also officially launched. After the on-line, eager to promote, and many users exchange, everyone on my program are very sure, said my website has originality, has characteristics, let me more confidence. But after a period of operation, found that web traffic rarely, basically no one to send a message, and a netizen exchanged, he said that your website is very characteristic, but you should be geared to sales and purchases of real estate or rental, after they came to see the site empty, no what information will of course be turned away. Yes, if the user point of view to think, my site has no value at all, because there is no information, then began to send information, he had built a very comprehensive portal site, a total of more than 20 sub stations. A person, but also usually go to work, add their own information simply can not add.

after a few days of thinking, he wrote several acquisition program, news gathering, real estate information collection, housing information collection, through the collection, my website immediately abundant, Baidu included a few pages from the original, slowly increased to more than 20000, IP from the initial several dozens of up to five thousand a day above. The data collection can be used, but no three-dimensional apartment layout of my site features, there is no, so there is time to fill their several 3D Fangxing, also have a few hundred dollars monthly income is advertising revenue, but I was collecting good times don’t last long, later in the Trojan site, for a long time not open, my collection is interrupted, then the >

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