Website operation experience loss will have

, I’m an industry website, A user sends messages almost every day. I’m calling. Plus QQ told him all about it. Don’t send it every day, because you repeat the message every day, which other users do not want to see the screen is your family’s information. Today, QQ reminded him, "if you resend your message on the two or three day, we’ll direct you ID and remind you that it’s not the first time, the two time.". I hope you’ll be conscious later.

who know each other to the sentence "what time do you say, you blocked well, then I give him the previous chats, the other actually said" please, you pay attention to your manner of speaking "I said I have an attitude problem.

the one I mentioned above is already very polite, isn’t it? I’m free of charge. I don’t think I have a problem with my attitude, and I really do. "Serve home."". Confiscate him 10 Fen. Other users give him a message, we all SMS notification, also call. What we’ve done is good enough, and no website can do it and remind users back and forth! And you said I had a problem with my attitude,


service industry how cheap? Such users say plainly, it will not have the existence of profits, pure consumption. I think I should know what to do if I keep reminding or giving in. Such users have the following features:

1: basically not really buying and selling. Belong to pick cheap type, that is to say, OK, the first advertising to do out, there are big cheap pick.

2: this kind of user will never be your client, so don’t expect to earn 10 Fen from him.

3: the users are not responsible for the information they publish, and the opportunity is purely advertising.

4: you serve better, he will not content, always feel for granted, you owe him, owe him.

5: with the class of users, if more, your station will not be able to do so, so that the transaction rate at the end of the impact of other users experience.

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