The history of a common computer enthusiast

computers, websites, things that never thought before, and now they seem so.

graduated from junior high school I read for half a year after high school dropouts at home, doing nothing all day, the day was very decadent, one after another to find a few, finally ended in failure, with the help of friends, learn computer easily and more money, so I set foot on the road of computer. I am in the film and television industry, the country is not very prosperous, busy day to night, but also overtime, and ultimately only enough to point to their own living expenses. The day got very difficult, last year I found on the Internet website is very simple, as long as the system can download a CMS, all of a sudden, my blood is boiling, ha ha! That happy, immediately do it yourself "combat", the beginning I love to do download stations, because I also love doing the software, so we developed a software download site

are some of their own a little bit put it up, no acquisition, because no money, just hotlinking free network hard disk or put up for download, ha ha. Feel good, I finally can do, then I will continue to explore, although there has been found on the web, but no money, how to make money? I am a confused, but my understanding is relatively high, after painstaking research, found that the alliance is also good, put ads, although not a lot of money, but at least do not lose money. Then I built it built, built to delete, delete, finally several websites I built up, a self 3dsdesk network (, because I was doing the film, do three-dimensional, so now open this website I also considered, there is a recent just video tutorial (, also engage in the download, no money to buy so much space on the use of free network hard disk, who called me so poor..

as usual I haven’t much time to manage my website, also is to put it as a hobby, ha ha, feel oneself do stand course quite long, refuels for oneself, an ordinary computer enthusiasts website, oh

editor comments: novice do stand, the most important thing is to adhere to and efforts, I hope your website can continue to progress, I wish your webmaster career smooth sailing! Thank you for your contribution in Admin5 webmaster network

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