Discussion on the success of navigation of Telecom websites

once, when I was in college, it has been known for 123 at home, was particularly jealous, ha ha, not because of anything else, because it only sold to others, this station is 50 million, this price is unpredictable in the site navigation, but also caused a sensation in the network world, it the site navigation class formed a formidable miracle. Hao123’s success has made us aware of the era of Internet money making. In life, more and more people cannot do without the network, the number of Internet users from now to the development of tens of thousands of unpredictable, even now many people are engaged in this occupation in the network, web site home success, let us also recognize the way of making the site navigation industry. At the same time, site navigation is also very adapted to the current trend of the development of the site industry.

today, the trend of network development tendency and more diversified, various types of Web sites have continued to appear in the network, the development of search engine, web site included a web site more and more, but there is a new problem, the quality of site included, even on the Internet to check whether the effect is that they need also, it has become a problem for Telecom web site navigation. It has also become a standard for Internet users to evaluate web sites.

today, users no longer have to worry about these issues, because a good site navigation network from the studies, it is the telecom site navigation (http://s.dianxin.cn), from its design are very unique and novel, and it included a web site is the public netizen website commonly used it. Fresh layout, and simple operation, is not required for Volkswagen users web site navigation.

The rapid rise of

Telecom web site navigation, can proceed from its unique design, it more perspective are on the Internet’s position, its original design and development are based on the needs of users and improve constantly, at the same time, the Internet users often use the website it with special mark, very visible, users do not need to take too much time to find your site. From these angles, we can see that the navigation of Telecom websites is very user-friendly.

a lot of people say, now the site navigation station is very bad to do, basically can’t make money, then I tell you, your idea is wrong. Then we take the telecom site navigation to analyze, it now has hundreds of thousands of IP traffic, from this we can see that the netizen is very love it, it is from the initial development to completion, are only after a few months of development to today’s scale, can be said to be very not easy. And it’s advertising revenue and let the webmaster very jealous, you can also imagine a hundreds of thousands of IP traffic site navigation station, can make a lot of money, every day Oh, no matter from the telecommunications web site navigation on the world rankings or domestic website ranking point of view, is very ideal. Therefore, the site navigation station can continue to make money, depending on what point of view you stand to understand it.


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