Using waterfall flow to do online education resource sharing community eduClipper

        original title: draw on Pinterest, but not social networking sites – eduClipper

, a waterfall streaming online educational resource sharing community



If you open, and Pinterest will think it is really like, but it is not a social platform, founder of Adam Bellow Pinterest "is to borrow to present the waterfall flow" to encourage students and teachers to share educational resources.

is such a step, you can register with Facebook or Twitter, there are two main tools: eduClipper eduClip and eduClipboard, each share in the content on the eduClipper is a "eduClip", which is the content of the eduClipper, at this stage it encourages users to post a link, upload their own videos or pictures PPT, can also see here the content sharing Facebook, Google+ or eduClipboard; database like a personal homepage, users can create their own hand, upload yourself and share content on the other hand, when the user wants to see a particular person’s home page is this eduClipboard.


Adam Bellow is a middle school teacher, from the beginning of 2007 made a site called eduTecher, want to do some things to integrate online education resources, on the Adam Bellow the biggest help is in the education industry has accumulated a lot of contacts, to do the test at the time of the eduClipper, many teachers and students are already some understanding of the people of eduTecher.

I think the most interesting thing is that eduClipper chose Pinterest as a way to do this website, emphasizing the concept of social networking, but not social networking.

In an interview with PingWest,

, Adam and Bellow explained the two points. First, because this site is for 5-18 year olds, "you must make it look interesting, I was a visual design enthusiasts, have had experience with eduTecher, Pinterest is a very good presentation."

to second, Adam Bellow said, that’s exactly why he did the site – Adam Bellow people in New York, "in New York, schools don’t allow teachers or students to share and educate on Facebook."

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