User experience fixes

now, the impact of the user experience on the enterprise is growing; a bad experience can lead to less measurable access. Since business success includes customer retention rates, consistently offering excellent experiences adds a lot of pressure.

availability, a term that has long been submerged in the technology development process, has suddenly become a strategy. Chief executive officer, director of marketing, business development manager, technical architects have availability, ease of use as part of their daily vocabulary, because availability is now not only affects the customer relationship, or even have fatal consequences.

therefore, user experience must provide relevant business goals. When the user experience fails, the customer can not get good service. Users can’t do what they need to achieve their goals, customer relationships will suffer disaster, business will suffer disaster. As a marketing vice president was asked why he believes his online service problems when he used to connect the painful truth and a marketing team, he replied: "the dogs are not willing to hunt for.

in particular, website experience needs to advocate a very complex set of business services and products for sale, and business goals include adding clues through the site and retaining current customers. However, getting bad navigation skills often partition important business information: users do not know exactly what they are looking for, and the navigation organization can not make them easily understand what they want, or the successful completion of their mission. Each part of the directory name does not accurately reflect its content. The navigation system is built only on the organizational structure of the company rather than on the user’s goals and tasks. Usability is a problem: entanglement of one navigation option results in endless selection of potential options. However, when users try to move the mouse and click on them, the user moves away from the original selection, and all the options disappear immediately.

The most important thing about

is that such sites do not achieve their first use goals. The first visit, users can’t know where or how to start, and they sit there will feel very confused, or even angry. But the dazzling lines and drawings can mask the real problems. This website is the apple of Sodom.

Bad design manual

and paper, the design of the bad usability although annoying but small fatal, but poorly designed online environment user experience can cause very serious consequences: reducing the amount of access. The user chose to leave because the conversion cost was too low.

, a marketing team to work hard, and even. Dogs must be able to hunt".

In a case like

, the best way is to first determine the breadth and depth of the problem. Then, in the metaphor of the skeleton, the first step is to adopt a therapeutic approach: To explore broken bones and to examine the pulse. One of the quickest ways to find out is to record the records of the system’s operations against the error record. It’s great to do so

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