Problems existing in hospital websites in medical industry (1)

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in medical industry hospital website, in fact, I personally have been very reluctant to mention this problem, because in the early days of the construction site many hospitals have a lot of problems did not consider, or just focus on a link, but also for the site planning aspect does not know, management is not clear, practical the operator is vague, the construction of many hospital websites, and not by the professional web site planning personnel planning, now the construction site within the medical industry are generally made of web design company, the hospital is just look pretty, some functional requirements, but you need to know you the website production company may not understand your industry, will eventually lead to a lot of problems.

simply pointed out today, hoping that colleagues will pay attention, but not all of these problems will arise, but most organizations in the medical profession will face such a problem.

article list pagination

, first of all, please open your own article list page, and then you can see the title of this article list page. The following diagram is an example.

, this is the first page of the list of website articles. We can take a look at URL. And title. Then, on the basis of this page, click on the next page.

, we can see that URL has become second pages. But let’s look back at page second of the news list page, title. The second page with the first page of the title exactly the same, I’ll ask some SEOer this time, you think of a website the same title page, do you think the search engine included how search engines will be how to calculate the weight?.


title, often appear on this issue, the first page only revenue list of news, but the next few pages will not be included, in fact, normally, if you do not pay attention to SEO, also need very distinguish each page, after all, from the UE side, if a user of the you press the first page of the list, but the list of the news page fifth that you also have a lot of good content, so he has a collection of two of your pages, but as your title, it is said that he could not in their own favorites will separate the two page. Solution, this I do not want to explain in my marketing blog, if you use CMS, in fact, very good solution, go to the forum for help, or directly to your website design and production company. This is not a problem, and it doesn’t affect your website.

I just hope that before you design the website, you must pay attention to your own website planning. A website with only a beautiful shell does not necessarily mean success. We need more details, just like the on-site consultant at the hospital. You have more technical details than any of your competitors, and often the customer is yours.

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