do not do garbage station for many years, personal station development direction

as the saying goes, a good beginning is half done.

struggled on the Internet for so many years, but did not find a good start, the first contact site was started from the dumpster, although at the time of the internet station is crazy, search engine is also very friendly, but found that the process of constantly making garbage station it erodes the will of the webmaster.

began to do web site, is holding great ideals, and he gave himself a good big, many goals, but when the garbage station gradually become more and more, but lost the direction. All day thinking is how to make the search engine included as much as possible, keyword ranking as far as possible, the previous goals are gone.

didn’t realize until now that the garbage dump was really rubbish.

I think now many webmaster is the same, a lot of people are from the station to start, the difference is now part of the awakening of the ID trading network mentioned in Admin5 a few days ago I published the article ( is a typical example, now I only have two stations, a one is set up with WordPress blog, which is almost all original articles, a small part is reproduced and then slightly modified, the other one is the forum.

following blog, the search engine is very friendly to many blog systems and provide the blog service website, the reason is very simple, is blog ‘content is a large part of the original, the original is the favorite search engine. So I chose the blog form. Secondly, the content, the carrier is the key, the content is more critical, you can say that the content is really determine the level of your station ranking weight. My blog station is full of thousands of articles, but it’s basically hot keywords. Whether this kind of thinking is good or bad, I can not make a conclusion for the time being, lest influence everyone’s train of thought. However, in the future articles will be reported to my results, and we can also pay attention to my Blog, I will paste the results at any time.

and then forums, forums, this form of Web site has an obvious advantage is updated fast, but the water is also accounted for a large part of that forum does not rely on water, it is simply a classic. Including outdated, outdated, now is the webmaster pool, but this statement is not derogatory, the so-called pool is the exchange of ah, exchange can create traffic ah. It’s a good thing.


forum is the key point of popularity, no one came, not just a person in the water here administrator. Therefore, the establishment of the forum is very critical, the point is how to lead people to come over, and then stick to the popularity, so that even if successful.

or an old saying, personal Adsense is a very vulnerable group, we can only unite, and constantly exchange experience before they can be strong

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