nsurance website for half a year’s promotion experience sharing

in January, I was mostly focused on familiarity and website information building. Every day I take out a little spare time, put on the personal web page, perfect and familiar with the above, and add simple information, through their own efforts, a complete web of embryonic form.

in February, this time in the Spring Festival, many people have begun to rest in the state, I think this is a good time for site preparation when forage, the purpose is to have a good start after the Spring Festival, so I put off the rest of the time, I will focus on "the content of the work on. The case and the customer consultation is customers understand the insurance scheme "belongs to the marketing ability and thinking, so this information is perfect is very important, so I wrote a lot of articles related to the case, enrich the content of the web page.

in March, various insurance companies start to play as fiery red, through my efforts, my website initially improved, but every day I visited is not many, therefore, how to attract customers to visit my website has become a top priority. As a result, I consulted the older generation of network marketing, and got their enthusiastic help, and made a lot of suggestions for me. So this month, I’ve been in many forums, blogs and asking about promoting my web site and adding links to the site. After my efforts to pay, my web traffic slowly came up.

in April, is my online roots start. After some time ago foreshadowing, my web site has been more perfect, the flow of the page is also relatively good, and constantly attract many prospective customer consultation. Therefore, how to change the potential customer resources of the network into customers in reality has become a difficult problem in front of us. So, I started on many clients are classified, are likely to be traded and customers were stalking, especially coming birthday customers to pay, after continuous efforts, finally in April for a couple of Miss Zhang provides security services, to win the $28000 premium, and also in this in Miss sun for security. Net sales have exceeded $32000 this month.

in May, in April on the basis of deep plowing, I was developed, with emphasis on the target customers so the increase in other sites on the target customer input, and gradually accumulated a number of customers, and provide them with solutions for this class of customers is relatively rational, because some it takes a long time tracking, so this month’s net sales turnover is not big, the risk of major diseases Allex just signed a $420 consumer type.

in June, in May continue to maintain network management direction based on invariants, increase customer development in real life, I participated in a series of target population cluster activities, and understanding and make a number of better economic conditions, it is the main force of the purchase of insurance in 70s. And for them to develop a personal program. Through follow-up network communication, contact tracking. The new company, all life is studied, it is a "

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