The company financing 14 billion CEO can only rent also opened a second-hand carMake a few cheats su

don’t ask why, no why, just because no, money!



Li Bin is hard today, but he’s still keeping a low profile, because everyone just sees his brilliance

, Liu Qiangdong and Ma Huateng are rushing to throw money,


God helps those who help themselves! ?

Li Bin

, he said, would like to do the Chinese version of Tesla

in the webmaster website, forum, all the so-called Taobao guest "cheats", what is more, emerge in an endless stream, out of money. But we often ignore that the so-called Taobao guest "successful", many even own Taobao back off income was 0 of course, it is likely that they include me, network information is very rich, how to editing, it is king. I don’t know how to evaluate other people’s so-called cheats. Is it success?. Personally, the successful Taobao guest cheats have only one keyword ranking. Maybe you can use the method to understand the teacher’s day in one thousand yuan, perhaps you can use your own unique cheats a monthly income of million. What happens if one day you don’t work? What’s the result? Can you keep it for 1 days, 1 weeks, or 1 months, or 1 years?

but he took the about 4000000 debt to

can’t afford to eat even

major shareholder a glance crashed, all divestment of

didn’t last long, and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy,

car !

only SEO, although not say once and for all, at least not repeated every day posting plus group, and so hard boring work. Even if you don’t work on a day or in a few days, it’s not as bad as business. As we all know, search engines are one of the most expensive traffic sources. A single page optimization of friends may have more say, single digit IP may bring hundreds of figures of income, without exaggeration. Or you will say: a variety of high flow, high commission keywords are dominated by experts, simply can not go in. OK. Highly competitive keywords don’t go in, and small keywords are always there. Two articles a day to do the long tail, always no problem, into the long tail flow than the flow of the keywords price is higher. To be honest, SEO is not a very magical thing, a little content + a little outside the chain, the construction of content outside the chain of many methods, not in the scope of this article, every day, that is, SEO. By using good site and, you will find traces of others. At the end of the day, the key is a question of execution. Here is not encouraging everyone to do SEO, you can still stick to their effective promotion strategy, just proposed to do at the beginning of Amoy friends, take a little time every day, cultivate own old station weight, even if not early income, as is the ideal way to

CEO and the chairman of the

has also cast 3 Unicorn companies,

Abstract: BITAUTO was founded on the face of the Internet bubble, very serious loss. Several major shareholders said, you either change direction, or we withdraw money, mess, you clean up. Li Bin killed, refused to give up the car Internet, with shareholders said, the company accounts still have 6 million, you leave, owe 4 million, I myself.

only Mobell bicycle is to let him get a hundred times return

finally, also inevitably vulgar, I wanted the station: aitaobang, Links, and like-minded friends.

graduated from college and was able to start a company,

success has short cuts, but it is not a shortcut that most people find. Before you have become a small number of people, do the preparation of the road to go, diligence + insist on ranking, is the best Taobao cheats.


, the big brother who is still renting at the age of more than 40, is

so great people will have no money? He is funny? Yes, he really had no money, or, once had, but now all voted to do something, it is possible to lose everything, but still have people resolutely stand out must do to spend 20 billion to build Chinese Tesla version.

" in historyThe most cock cowboy in when he is most miserable

history, only 6 years old can put one hundred cattle

today, BITAUTO is Chinese the first overseas listed auto Internet Co, more than 3000 employees of the old Lee is spread to 340 business a hundred responses to a single call, a city, the valuation exceeded 20 billion


history of the most exasperating Curve Wrecker, every day at the game hall was admitted to the Beijing University

because he just made the company listed,

history of the most wonderful Internet addiction patients, playing games, but also do not forget to Teach Yourself Programming

but Li Bin is a tough guy, tough enough,

recently in the circle of the fire model to make money is non Taobao customers, looking at income on the billboard list, we are ready to. I think this article came out, many people destined to be attacked. Never mind, say what other people say, and let others have nothing to say.

, Li Bin, this man has created three "

a brother to the founder of simply written today, the listed company boss, worth billions, but all day with a second-hand Audi removed from the street, more than 40 years old, still renters.

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