What are the qualifications of WangzhuanPeople who plan to start business are not fooled by success

hard condition:



and then external publicity impact on the gem, to each with a POS machine, a multinational language translator, involving cross-border payments, smart city, artificial intelligence and other concepts, C round of financing, a premium of 10 times, 2 billion 350 million. Finally, selling shares to cash in on profits, does that sound like a bear?.

4, with a basic business acumen. No matter what business you do, you need to have the basic business acumen, and the Internet is no exception.


1, good learning attitude. Attitude is everything, do Wangzhuan not good mentality, can not stick to it.

don’t be fooled by success stories,

then road show, and then A round of financing, the premium five times, 23 million 500 thousand;

a lot of people don’t know, it’s a close call. In China, there are about 3300 listed companies, but there are no more than 2000 listed companies. What is the concept? The probability of success is 1/10000.

summary can earn money by people with conditions: Wangzhuan patience Psychology and some commercial head and execution skills and theoretical knowledge with Wangzhuan flow skills and good terminal is equal to the sum of money.

1, space domain name

and then expand the team, and then recruit 100 people, the introduction of strategic investors, B round of financing, a premium of 10 times, 235 million.

3, strong execution. The most critical, requiring strong practical ability, practical operation ability of the most likely to make money, but also the fastest to make money.

method: first, find the angel investment, and the establishment of beggars begging in Dubai Limited by Share Ltd, to recruit 10 beggars, begging to fund 4 million 700 thousand.

2, a certain degree of self-learning ability of the network. Technology is not the key, nor is it the main factor.

2, online payment methods: Alipay   wealth through bank business online. Foreign payment: PayPal PayPal mode and authentication method, foreign application address: www.paypal.

small business

some Wangzhuan is not his website, such as: MAIL, click on the message class class PTC, class SUF, class PTP surfing Registration Search; SE: sh419 and shlf1314 have this project; survey: air traveler network, advertising, traffic, registration, SMS, movies, chat software, membership for garbage station these should have at least space.

4, have a certain friend relations. Know some of your own, technically complementary friends. For example, you know how to design a web page, and know more about advertising graphics, ASP, PHP programmers, web operators, and other friends. You can ask them for help when you are studying or having problems with them. Technically, they can be shared with each other.

beware of those false entrepreneurial information on the Internet,

intends to start a business,

of course, this is just a joke with my friends. How can I go to Dubai to beg?. But then again, this method is still a set, as if it were the same thing. But in the era of shopping malls such as the battlefield, Losers are always in the wrong. reality, makes a lot of entrepreneurs dazzled. May accidentally fall into some "routine".

3, a certain start-up funds about 200-300, mainly used to buy space domain name start-up funds.

5, and some techniques are better, but not the main factor. For example, you can design advertising maps, design advertising pages, and create websites.

soft conditions: self factors

sees all sorts of entrepreneurial projects on the Internet, >

Abstract: many people don’t know, it’s a close call. In China, there are about 3300 listed companies, but there are no more than 2000 listed companies. What is the concept? The probability of success is 1/10000.

a few days ago, my friend heard that I was going to Dubai to beg, so he gave me a plan and how to use the capital operation to go begging in Dubai. It can also be said to be an entrepreneur. I gave full marks to this routine.

entrepreneurs must not be fooled by so-called entrepreneurial stories, because entrepreneurial stories have a routine. For example: how he suffered from childhood, and then rural origin, how parents, it seems miserable. In a later opportunity, to do a project or what what happens to the turning point in life, will soon make financing, and then succeeded! Oh, the original business is so easy! I have been much worse than you, he is a ma. No real business really don’t know how deep is the water, like in the shipwreck, the boat turned over tens of thousands of people dead, then reporters and rescue personnel in the past, with a probe light in all the dead to find survivors, suddenly found a living: how do you go to interview the successful escape

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