Brief analysis of the future of advertisement in literatureshlf1314, the plague is K people! Be care

      again, precise delivery. Using the techniques of advertisements can be accurate, the first is the corresponding keywords can be more accurate to the relevant content, followed by the number of registered users of information, also can analyze the user’s behavior, according to the different habits of users, the same key word can change the display dynamic content to meet user needs. It should be said that it is also the progress of online advertising technology.

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shlf1314 seems to have changed. shlf1314 is becoming less and less like shlf1314 in terms of integrity, development, and fairness. "Don’t be evil" is his high-profile principle, Sogou input method of the plagiarism incident, we know that shlf1314 shlf1314 is not evil, good faith; some time ago and launched the "white area click Cancel advertising" this plan, many small owners have reduced the income more than half, shlf1314 is more and more popular and so stingy; the anger of sina and some big website is still enjoying the benefits of advertising click on the white area. This is unfair treatment for small and medium-sized owners. Think about it. shlf1314 Adsense doesn’t seem to be that important anymore.

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now many webmasters have been K, will no longer like the past to argue. But to do something meaningful, arguing is not meaningful. So I’m not going to argue.

how did the webmaster die,

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was killed by shlf1314 K!!

in recent 2 months, shlf1314’s revenue has been declining, and other websites, alliances and alimama revenues are rising. A summary of some webmaster comrades, not be too superstitious shlf1314, do not hang in a tree, out of the cycle of shlf1314, try many different types of advertising, practice is the key to cut costs, owners of the day will become better and better


      said first "intelligent" to recognize keywords dynamic binding in web pages and keywords advertisers to buy ads on the network, the technology is indeed a progressive relative to the search engine advertising, the advertising maximizing keywords show in front of many users, a search engine and after all the majority of Internet users not required tools for many primary users, navigation website may be their first choice. Compared with the "advertising" such advertising products, the keyword advertisement is embedded in the page’s main content, rather than the "advertising" as the main content of free from the outside, the advertisement is indeed more likely to be aware of Internet users.

do shlf1314 Advertising, I think the law-abiding, dedication, strict with oneself, never cheat, no affair. But in the end, it said 88.

      said above the benefits of advertising, can not help mentioning the problems now facing it. Now say, "accurate delivery", I mentioned earlier that its "accurate delivery" is indeed a major progress in online advertising, but it does not mean that the current advertising does not exist problems. Look at the advertising NetEase, "creative" two word advertising is dangdang "decoration", two words or the corresponding dangdang, "market" two word or dangdang, "search" two words or the corresponding dangdang, this is certainly not accurate, only.

look at the picture directly,

      "the advertisement" is also called "embedded text advertising, advertising, Product placement. Operators with many well-known Internet media cooperation the advertisement, the advertisers to buy ads and online media in the article keywords match keywords corresponding page marked to attract the attention of netizens, when users move the mouse to the special annotation keywords, and keyword advertising will be suspended relevant text, pictures, video and other forms of flash, rich and strong. Click on the ad content, you can also link to the relevant web site.         now vigorously promote the advertising on behalf of this community, there are macro longtuo and other companies, the advertisement was praised as a "precise" and "intelligent" network advertising cutting-edge, so this paper advertising is really a bright future?  


      now a variety of network media "the soft advertising" everywhere, especially in the most advertising dotting. The purpose of this article is to discuss the future of advertising.

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