But the Hong Shanghai dragon macro strategic point of view of the introduction of analogy

read articles about how to make full use of an original content of Ming pig, I think it is quite reasonable. Therefore, there is a inherent requirement of writing articles. Why is the inner? Because now every day to the code word, if purely implicit in one corner website updates, or those with self deception pseudo original technique, for a long time, not to mention other, sorry man is stationmaster itself. The spider eventually determine the presence of a large number of duplicate content this site, this kind of anger and contempt, as a webmaster itself is actually can imagine.

so, rather than sink in the heart, ground the original content of the writing. This is the inherent requirement of Hong Shu writing motivation. The original idea is to use the method to make a corresponding post. However, as Hong wording when there is a kind of no mouth feeling, so we chose to define another way to do a note about. As far fetched, also hope that many of the same lot.

the original content is Chinese Communist Party established their own armed forces. The founding principles of the party commands the gun, the original content without controversy can be considered to be strong. When established at the red armed forces of their own, the thing to do is to build your own natural solid strategic bases, so as to form the ecological function of self circulation. We compare Shanghai dragon theory, is to fully optimize the structure of the site itself, and lay a good foundation in Shanghai dragon.

revolution in the liberation war, the military thought to play the most incisive degree. The most famous example of directly available evidence is the history of the Liu Deng army Dabie mountain. This time, not to mention the Chairman Mao’s two military look far ahead from a high plane, Liu Deng is under the command of the dead: even if all the lost baggage.

in the white terror forces surrounded the red base will naturally provoke opposition class military encirclement. This time, we follow Mao Zedong’s military theory under the policy basis of a great methodology is the main pull to block the perimeter, the implementation of the height of the motor. Flexible and destroy the enemy’s effective strength. Our Shanghai dragon Er practices linked to, is to own the target site as the core, after the quality of the original articles in their own internal to complete the update, other forums, websites on the Internet are issued. Let your core strength effectively play the maximum value. Mao Zedong under the leadership of the people’s army has been tested on the tactical application.

The starting point to begin the first pen from you

without controversy: the original content of life tension of a website from it. To start the process gradually from the first starting point deduction analogy the origin of Shu hong. Original content is not shared equally level things, which are bound to exist or genuine points. This process allows it to Lenovo Hong history of our great China Communist Party in the new democratic revolution period.


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