An editor needs to know what Shanghai Longfeng knowledge

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editor can master three has almost reached the standard, the content is not a lot, I believe many of my friends have new editor, editor of your company whether all know these three points is very important? Your editor or as the editor you are not doing this at three. >?

third, the article is original, you need to tell him the link is what meaning, tell him what you can do Sitelinks, explain too much at this point is not, with the front of the search engine ranking principle is simple to explain (you must say after the vote, the same as the link station again) they should link is still relatively easy to accept. The spread in the industry very long "around a word" can clearly explain to them.

first, you need to edit according to the situation, tell some simple ranking principle, at least let him know love Shanghai rankings are related, not blind row. What all don’t know when I first came here novice editor. After you tell them this point they had naturally interested in listening to you to speak.

fourth, actually three well above, for the website of Shanghai dragon you have almost the same, you say it. However, it is not the purpose of Shanghai dragon, is only a means, if you want to teach them about the title of the method, description method, label extraction etc.. Tell them the benefits of doing so is to attract visitors and extract better to let the label be arranged, more relevant article, so as to better improve the site and so on.

second, and then tell them what is the search engine rankings, we’ll tell them the sincere words and earnest wishes to update the article, what is the most important, because the original is original! Is better and better rankings included, then watch what you say, "well, can be good to avoid editing to direct plagiarism this article. Of course, careful writing or serious false original nature will affect the number of my side edit one day about 10, not pure original, but also quite satisfactory. Less than half of the novice oh.

the aim of this essay is not to tell people how to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, I said here are the basics. You also don’t rush to spray I took these basic knowledge out of play, you can use the. From the author’s previous work experience, as a Shanghai Longfeng personnel must do simple training to the website editor, to cooperate with us in Shanghai to carry out the dragon and more smoothly. Because I am now this situation, the need for simple training to edit, note that is what some need to add article. Originally I want to download some PPT data directly or what the system then gave them to explain the above from the internet. The result, really did not find.

not to say, an editor to know what Shanghai dragon


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