2014, the most cattle Entrepreneurs light plastic, Li Danni empty bottle billion yuan venture capita

looked that several domestic advertising alliance, we can call the small station can see hope and trust that sh419, GG, Ali. But as the saying goes, diandaqike, for our small owners, the choice of what kind of a union to earn our living expenses that actually? The alliance is more suitable for our small station? I will analysis. Help you make the right choice:




Chinese "brand micro business" first presented by Jingdong, the first derivative of the congregation to raise record holder, 3 hours to raise project funds 3 million 280 thousand yuan slimming fruit drink – "light plastic", once again let the supporters moved: the core agent in just 9 days on the successful recruitment quota this is not just the marketing! The technical level, but has been related to products, culture, and team structure. It seems that with a "empty bottle" to get billions of yuan to buy light plastic, just a few years ago won the "China’s first micro business brand" crown of light plastic, really determined to open a "micro quotient brand era"!

League name, application address, application amount, payment amount, payment method, unit price

, first of all, the sh419 Alliance: address union.sh419. The sh419 alliance CPC has a share of about 50%. Most clicks range from $0.2 to $0.1. There are quite a lot of advertisements. 100 yuan to pay. Support bank cards and post office remittances. There are some difficulties in applying for it. sh419 bidding League entertainment station. Requires Alexa ranking within 5W. Small station is not up to this number, and there is a more important is. Like garbage a little stand, do sh419 bidding alliance easily by sh419 K. In addition, the individual feel sh419 PPC PPC rate is too small, once hung up for some time, basically no one clicked, I gave up!

Li Danni, five minutes to get 100 million venture capital shaping fruit drink, "light plastic", almost an empty white spot in the Chinese mainland market, it is known as a ">."

Abstract: in 2014, China’s economy appeared obvious "ice and snow day" state. On the one hand, the traditional industry continued to slump; on the other hand, the Internet industry had good news, and there were many commercial wonders.

entrepreneur – Fu Zhengjun

venture company: Blue Harbor interactive

Wang Feng dare to betting on the mobile game in 2012, in order to successfully transition, even at the expense of hundreds of millions of revenue. Blue harbor revenue this year is expected to be as high as 1 billion 200 million yuan, and will be listed in Hongkong. The former midfielder Jinshan mobile Internet is becoming the entertainment pioneer, has a comprehensive transformation of the blue harbor interactive mobile game company, standing on the mobile phone outbreak of volcano.

startup: Health Technologies Ltd,

again is the Ali Mama, it can be said that he is now the most popular alliance with Alibaba, mad burn, now the league has gathered a lot of popularity, many sites are hung up the Ali Mama advertising, I personally feel that the Union has great potential because of the strong support of YAHOO adwords. Otherwise, if on the website all put on time, long valuation advertisement. All advertising are waiting, so I would do it. In addition to the Ali Mama bottom line without Alipay paid too convenient, no matter how much you do, as long as it is normal income next month will enter the Alipay, you can withdraw cash in can consumption is very convenient.


below to analyze the differences between these alliances

Li Danni

Wang Feng



followed by shlf1314 Adsense for address shlf1314/adsense. I’ve been in the shlf1314 League since 06 years ago. The price is good, too. Easy to apply, if you do the English station, as long as there is traffic and appropriate click rate, then wait for the money, you sent it. Now support checks and Western union. Collection is also convenient. 100 U. S. dollars to pay, individuals strongly recommend hanging GG ad, on the ADMIN5 also for some time, learned that hanging GGAD, like sh419 does not drop power,

shlf1314 adsenseshlf1314/adsense easy 100 knife support >


sh419 GG Ali era we a situation of tripartite confrontation, the owners who choose

in what has been called the "golden age" of entrepreneurship in 2014, the emergence of too many entrepreneurial miracle, only one idea can get tens of millions of dollars in angel investment, as long as there is a good idea to get 100 million yuan venture! As long as an empty bottle will be able to create a commercial miracle of life dream. In 2014, China’s economy appeared to be in a state of ice and snow. On the one hand, the traditional industry continued to slump; on the other hand, there were many good news in the Internet industry, and a lot of commercial wonders appeared.


startup: today’s headline

sh419 http://s.union.sh419 extremely difficult 100RMB bank transfer post office


IT Zhang Yiming as a male, with the content of personalized recommendation entry, recommended reading content for individual users, the most important news of today’s headlines into portal news client outside reading platform, and sparked a discussion of journalism. Grasp the attention of the heights today headlines are through advertising, electricity providers and other income model scale realized, once again confirmed in the media industry who have access to the world.

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