Love for Shanghai refused to point outside the chain of tools of personal views

I know for a lot of grassroots webmaster, most of us are relying on the sea love to eat, Shanghai will love every act and every move affects our nerve, since last year, love Shanghai several major algorithm updates, love does not seem to settle down in Shanghai. Last month, Shanghai launched the green love algorithms to combat the link trading behavior, many owners have been affected, but to love the stars know, some large sites were not affected by the love of Shanghai, Scindapsus are some of the algorithm affects the small and medium-sized site, I have these grassroots webmaster and a helpless was used as cannon fodder. Scindapsus algorithm storm is not calm, love in March 1st Shanghai has launched to the inner side of the outer chain tool, which makes a lot of stationmaster trembled, don’t love Shanghai and continue to the next move of the

two, how many webmaster will use to

Since ? outside the chain of tools?

love Shanghai has been constantly adjusting algorithm started sending us a message, love Shanghai more and more attention to the content of the site quality, will be through continuous adjustment rectification algorithm in some cheating on the Internet, so the Internet to enhance the user experience of the website. Now we are talking more owners outside the chain of high quality and high quality original content, the phenomenon of cheating in several kinds of love in Shanghai for the Internet in common were hit, to prevent spam problem. So in this issue have said many, here is not to say love the stars.

, love Shanghai more attention to the content of the site quality and user experience of


love of Shanghai from last year the first major search engine algorithm upgrade, love Shanghai launched the webmaster tools to help owners to better manage the maintenance of website, can see the love of Shanghai has become more and more of our webmaster friends are considered, and gradually improve the webmaster tools outside the chain of tools, website and so on. After the Spring Festival holiday immediately launched the green algorithm, a further blow to the link trading behavior, let many webmaster all buy links with it, but the launch of the chain like tools and refused to Scindapsus echoes of the algorithm, seems to be more perfect, but rejected outside the chain of tools really useful Mody to love the stars? The following chain tools to express their views and opinions, hope a lot.

if a webmaster friends in link trading behavior, then he may have to surrender? In fact, buy links webmaster intention is to make your site better ranking, how can that own these links are rubbish? In fact many owners not only that the purchase link is spam links, but feel it is very useful to improve their ranking. For this part of the webmaster, they will not use to outside the chain of tools, unless love Shanghai on his website was drop right after the treatment, and then he may refuse to delete spam tools use this chain chain. In addition to >

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